The class of wireless headphones not connected to each other continues to evolve and more and more similar models appear on the market. We will get acquainted with one of these devices today. QCY Q29 Pro combines pleasant sound, convenient form and good autonomy, and more about them we will discuss later in the review.


The headphones are delivered in a fairly simple carton box with a minimum of clearance. Inside there are two sets of replaceable ear cups, a short charging cable, and documentation.


Its buyer Q29 Pro is met in a compact plastic box with a transparent lid. On sale is available two color solutions for headphones and a case – gray and white. At the back of the case is a Micro-USB connector and a battery charging status LED. The case also serves as a battery for headphones – it contains a battery for 220 mAh. The cover itself is compact enough and does not burden the pocket with excess weight.


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