2017 was the year of the flagships with screens of 18 to 9, double cameras, thinner display frames. Toward the end of the year, these features began to appear in more accessible models. Among the first are the new Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 +. Let’s see how the traditionally strong Samsung models have changed in the light of these innovations.


The appearance of smartphones Galaxy A every year more and more like the flagship of the company, they receive similar changes. Compared with last year’s models, the design of the Galaxy A8 + has become slightly more rectangular and the shape of the case now resembles the Galaxy Note8. The smartphone is made of glass, which covers the “back” and the display, its edges smoothly pass into the metal frame, almost like on the flagships.

Most of the wow factor is brought by the display – now it occupies an even larger part of the front panel, with which the physical controls and the manufacturer’s logo have disappeared. Exactly the same changes in the design we noted in the Galaxy S8.

However, do not overestimate the similarity – companies are slow to make neflagmans unnecessarily beautiful so that the top models on their background look more attractive. Therefore, the screen framework in the new Galaxy A8 + is about the same as in Google Pixel 2XL – they are there, and are quite noticeable, while with Samsung flagships, it often feels like you are holding a display.

But you should not get upset – in practice, the width of the frames is just plain, and the difference in the proportions of the 16: 9 and 18.5: 9 displays is clearly visible, which in itself serves as an attractive factor and gives a sense of novelty.

The new Galaxy A has other similarities with the flagships. For smartphones will be available branded covers Neon Flip Cover, with a special light-conductive strip, so that the device beautifully “flashed” when incoming calls and other notifications.


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